Havana Night

Deur open: 22:30 Aanvang show: 22:30

Entree: €6,-

“I’ve got a party for you!”
8e Editie van The Limitless Experience

Buenas noticias!
Are you ready for a hot latin night out in Barendrecht…. Well we do!!! 👅👅👅

Summer is coming! Geniet lekker mee met Limitless presents x Havana Night x 19.05.18 tot diep in de nacht met deze latin en urban vibes!💃🎉

Get ready for a latin party like you’ve never experienced before, so where are my bad boys and girls at? 😏😏

x Line-up x

⭐️DJ Kevin da Costa⭐️
⭐️DJ EL Kaotisko ⭐️
⭐️DJ Rubio ⭐️

R&B x Latin x Hiphop x Reggeaton x Dancehall x house

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