Insane Asylum, Harlekin, Coldstare & Menacer

Deur open: 19:30 Aanvang show: 20:00

Entree: €7,- | €,- leden

Insane Asylum DE

Heavy Trier beatdown for fans of Nasty

Harlekin DE

Moselcoast Beatdown

Coldstarehardcore BE

This Belgium band has more a touch of NYC Hardcore and a combination of punk, hiphop, hardcore and metal influences. Coldstare, started in 2001, has worked up their name to oldschool hardcoreband with big breakdowns and will not bounce back ;), a perfect combination of fast punk and NYC Hardcore.

Fans also like: “From the heart”

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Manacer gives aggressive riffs and brutal breakdowns. And that makes me eager to hear what they can bring us for the show. Their music is built up strong and doesn’t has any compassion.

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