The Tongues (USA) + Robin den Drijver

The Tongues are here! On tour in Europe and The UK supporting their debut full length album, The Tongues combine the strength and influences of four seasoned musicians to create a powerful and catchy indie rock sound.  Accolades poured in for their debut EP, As Seen on TV, which helped push them to the final 6 bands (out of 1300) of The Independent Music World Series in the USA. The Tongues look forward to having you licked once you take a listen…are you ready?

"Though only five tracks long, …as seen on TV… shows how far The Tongues can reach, musically speaking. The Oakland group’s debut EP runs the gamut from upbeat, danceable pop-rock (think new Brit rock/pop invasion without the attitude) to catchy punk (like a slightly softer version of The Vandals or Bad Religion) to languid, lamenting rock." -Performer Magazine
"The 3 guys say that they are influenced by British bands such as The Beatles, The Pixies, Franz Ferdinand, The Libertines and Bloc Party. You can hear these influences indeed, but The Tongues’ music is more than just a bad copy: The unique voice of the singer Barry Le Baron (great name!) certainly contributes to the fact that their songs remain something independent."

foto: The Tongues.

entree: €5, leden: €3

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