Traktor & Drainlife

De Rotterdamse band Traktor is in de herfst van 2007 opgericht door 4 fanatieke, ervaren en toegewijde muzikanten en bestaat onder andere uit (ex)leden van Mindscan, Caneyescrew (RIP) en Deliberate Jeopardization.

Traktor heeft een eigenzinnige sound waarin invloeden van onder andere death en thrash metal, metalcore, sludge en grunge doorklinken.
Referenties: Pantera, Lamb Of God, Slayer, Mastodon, Alice In Chains, en Killswitch Engage.

In 2008 heeft Traktor haar 1e EP getiteld "1” opgenomen in de (home)studio van drummer Nico. De mix en mastering is tevens door hem verzorgd. Deze EP is professioneel geperst en is eind juli in eigen beheer uitgebracht.
De band heeft ondertussen meerdere optredens achter de rug in onder andere in Waterfront, Watt en de Baroeg.

This five piece are out for mass destruction and total demise. Drain-Life, hail from Rotterdam, Netherlands and were formed in early 1997. Around that time they started out as a band with influences from bands like Madball and Sick Of It All and the stream of Metalcore bands at that period of time like: All Out War, Merauder, Morning Again, Arkangel and many more. Due to various struggles with York and Jon on one side and many other bandmembers on the other, it never really came of the ground. You could say it really started in 2003.

Now, a decade, a dozen Tapes, a Demo and a Mini CD later, they have dedicated members, and trough the years they grew From a Hardcore band with some Metal influences into a Metal band with brutal Death / Thrash Metal riffs with midd tempo Metalcore beatdowns and triplets, phat mosh parts and Hardcore breakdowns. As maintaining some Hardcore elements and sounding like a Metal band at times, Drain-Life is certainly not withdrawn to only one kind of Hardcore or Metal, which means they are keeping an open mind at all times and just play whatever they want and nowadays you can even find some influences from Norwegian Black Metal from the 90’s, the Bay Area Thrash from the 80’s to the New Wave of American Metal sound of today. They have an explosive presentation with Mosh as the basis and shared the stages with bands like Merauder, Sworn Enemy, 100 Demons, Kickback, Shattered Realm, Buldoze and many more…being in the game for more than ten years, gives them all the security they need and makes them more motivated than ever…

deur open: 21:30, aanvang: 21:30 // entree: €3,- , leden: €1,-“

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